Friday, 12 October 2018


Salam Aleykum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuhou dear brothers and sisters

Today I am posting a method of  Istikhara to recognize his enemies. With this method one can see and recognize their enemies. This secret must be performed after Isha prayer, the most appropriate time for performing this prayer is before going to bed.

So here is the method. Continue for 3 to 7 consecutive days you will have satisfaction.

You will have to perform your ablution and be seated on the bed facing the Qibla and recite what is mentioned below.
In Cha Allah, God will show you not only the people responsible for cqasting the evil spell on you, but also all those  people who assisted  them to do these sins. You you will also see all those peoples that are against you and have always wanted to see you in miserable conditions.

Here is what you have to recite.

Salat on Rassul saw 11 times ( preferably salat alfatih)

Bismilahi noori Bismilahi noori Bismilahi noori al-noori Bismilahiladi huwa mudabirl amoori Bismilahiladhi khalqan noor minan noori Alhamdu-liladhi khalaqan noor min noori wa-anzala-noor alltoori, wal baytil maamori walsakfil marfohi fil kitabin mastoorin fi rikin-manshoorin bikadarin maqdorin aal nabien mahborin Alahmdulilah-hiladhi houwa bilezi madkorun wa-bilfakhrin mashoroun waala-saraaei waala-dahraari mashkroun wasalalahou ala sayyedina Muhammadin wa-alihi-tayyabinne-tahirinne

Salat on Rassul saw 11 times (preferably salat alfatih)

Do the dua regarding your wish and sleep facing your right side. In sha Allah you will soon see all those who have bad intentions regarding you.

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  1. Thank you very much ya Cheikh.
    Can we please have the arabic translation of the dua ? Thus we could perform a good recitation incha Allah.